Investing in NMHU

As New Mexico Highlands University celebrates its 121st year, the NMHU Foundation would like to say thank you to all who have given most generously in the past to support the students, faculty, programs and projects that make our university a strong and vibrant academic community.

Since the 1984 deposit of $36,000 that funded the beginning of the NMHU Foundation, more than $12 million has been gifted, distributed or placed in endowments for NMHU. Now, with more than $6 million in assets, the NMHU Foundation continues to aware more than $200,000 in scholarships annually and fund special projects and programs of the university.

Your gifts really do make a difference to a new generation of students.

During the past year, New Mexico Highlands University has continued to expand its historic role of academic leadership in New Mexico. Enrollment continues to increase at our newly opened site in Raton and has doubled at our School of Social work in Albuquerque. Our students have continued to add to the academic, cultural, scientific and business fabric of the state through our top-notch programs:

  • The School of Education, Highlands’ oldest program, graduated the most educational leadership candidates in New Mexico.
  • Students in New Mexico Highlands’ Media Arts Program developed an interactive display in conjunction with the Santa Fe Institute. The display was featured at the National Science Foundation’s headquarters in Washington, D.C.
  • Graduate students from the School of Social Work are working on a pilot project with the Bernalillo County Detention Center to reduce the rate of recidivism among inmates and their families.
  • Students in the Department of Chemistry conducted research, along with scientists from Los Alamos National Laboratories, the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology and The Georgia Institute of Technology, using the state’s only single-crystal x-ray diffractometer, housed on New Mexico Highlands’ campus.
  • The first students graduated from New Mexico Highlands University’s new Certified Financial Planner Board registered financial planning program in the School of Business. Highlands is the only university in New Mexico that offers a board registered financial planning program degree.

Our great stories keep growing every day, but success doesn’t just happen. It takes the combined effort of motivated students, dedicated faculty, and the ongoing generosity of our alumni and friends. Your tax-deductible gift is an investment in a most valuable asset: our future.

Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, our Giving Tuesday 2017 campaign raised over $76,000, and our winter campaign was over $20,000!

Donate online to the NMHU Foundation today!

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Annual Giving

NMHU Foundation

The New Mexico Highlands Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the support of New Mexico Highlands University. Its purpose is to solicit, receive, and manage funds contributed by individuals, corporations, and foundations for the benefit of the University and its students.

The NMHU Foundation conducts the principal fundraising activities of the university in conjunction with the NMHU Office of Development. Housed with the Office of Development and closely connected to its work is the Alumni Affairs Office.

A foundation that is 15 years old, the NMHU Foundation’s endowment now stands at a market value of approximately $3 million. Net assets stand at $5.5 million.

Annual Giving to Highlands

Each year, the NMHU Foundation in conjunction with the Alumni Association embarks upon an Annual Fund to support the scholarships and other efforts of the NMHU Foundation to support Highlands. Unrestricted gifts are directed toward the University’s most pressing needs. The foundation welcomes all gifts of cash, securities, insurance policies, bequests, real property and in-kind donations such as equipment or services. Annual donors may designate how they would like their gifts to be used, and all individual contributions count towards the Annual Fund.

Ilfeld Auditorium – restoration was completed in Fall 1996. Named chairs are still being sold. The funds go to the Ilfeld Restoration Fund, ensuring that the building continues in prime condition.

A gift to the NMHU Foundation is essentially an investment in human potential. You may mail your donations to the NMHU Foundation, Inc. New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas, New Mexcio 87701. You may contribute by credit card by calling the NMHU Foundation at 505-454-3248 or via FAX at 505-454-3006.

All annual donors to Highlands will be recognized in a Highlands Alumnus listing and will receive letters and receipts to be used for income tax purposes. Donors who give $100 a year or more will be recognized with honorary alumni association membership. NMHU Foundation is a fully qualified nonprofit organization. Its sole mission is the support of New Mexico Highlands University.

Donate online to the NMHU Foundation today!

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HU Foundation Scholarships

The funding for all endowed scholarships is dependent upon the general appreciation of the fund and the interest that the original contribution earns annually. There might be years some scholarships will not be given until the economy improves and interest accumulates sufficiently to fund the scholarship. Scholarship award amounts may also vary as the donor builds the endowment or chooses to change the award.

Scholarship recipients of endowed or other scholarships are responsible for writing to the donor of the scholarship, representatives of the donors, or to the Highlands Foundation Board of Directors to express their appreciation for these scholarship awards. Address and contact names are available at the Financial Aid Office and the Office of Development.



For more information, please contact the NMHU Financial Aid office at http://www.nmhu.edu/financial-aid/ or 505-454-3318.  Scholarships are available for entering freshmen, upperclassmen, transfer, international, and graduate students. 

To apply for scholarships, you must be a currently accepted student at NMHU. Click here for the application form.

To apply to NMHU, go to http://newmexicohighlands.com/admissions/full-application.


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The mission of the New Mexico Highlands University Foundation is to provide support to benefit students of the University and the University as a whole through the acquisition, development, and administration of financial and other resources.


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