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All nominations received by May 1, 2024 will be considered for awards for Homecoming 2024 Nominations received after this date will be considered in the following year’s awards cycle.

Distinguished Alumnus/a

A person who exemplifies many of the traits described in our Cowboy Code and has graduated more than 15 years ago.

Distinguished Young Alumnus/a

A person who exemplifies many of the traits described in our Cowboy Code and has graduated fewer than 15 years ago.

Highlands Spirit Award

A person, not necessarily an alum, who goes the extra mile to help others and showcases Highlands in the best possible light.

Forever Cowboy Student Award

A current student in good standing, who embodies leadership qualities, high ethical standards, a spirit of volunteerism, and is involved across many campus activities.

The Cowboy Code

  1. Saddle your own horse – a person who has taken full advantage of what was offered to them by Highlands and determined their own path.
  2. Ride a ways with others – a person who has helped others follow in their path.
  3. Do what’s right, even if no one is looking – a person who has shown integrity and done what was right, even if it wasn’t popular or profitable.
  4. Ride for the brand – a person who has demonstrated loyalty to Highlands.
  5. Lie, but only to your own mind – a person who has believed in themselves even when faced with adversity.
  6. Learn from your elders – a person who has honored their mentors.
  7. Lend a hand where it’s needed – a person who has a spirit of volunteerism, who has given back to their community.
  8. To think right, straighten your boots – a person who has shown responsibility; someone that others can count on.
  9. Be polite – a person who thanks and recognizes those who have helped them.
  10. Choose your pards carefully – a person who surrounds themselves with other like-minded individuals who share the same high standards.
  11. Find a passion – a person who strives continually for improvement.

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