H Club Announces 2023 Inductees Class

Las Vegas, NM — New Mexico Highlands H Club is pleased to announce the following to be inducted into the H Club Hall of Fame Class of 2023 during this year’s September 25 – 30 Homecoming.  The H Club Banquet will be held on September 28, at the Student Union Ballroom (click here to purchase your tickets!).

2023 Inductees:

Tom Nickoloff – Baseball  and Basketball 1965-1968 Special Recognition

David Graham, BA 1971 MA 1972 – Football 1968-1969 
  Anthony Edwards. BA 1988Football
Barry O’Connor, BA 1983 – Football
Monica Flores Lopez, BA 1987 – Cross Country 1984-1987 
Mickey Reeves – Football 1993-1994 Posthumous Special Recognition
Freddy Flores, BA 1997 – Baseball 1995-1997 
Luis Gallardo, BA 1983 – Football 1978-1981 
Pamela Sandoval, BA 1993 – Softball/Basketball 1989-1993 
Ed Chacon, BA 1975 MA 1989 – Football 1970-1974 


Congratulations to ALL of the new inductees, their families, friends, and teammates.

Members of the Undefeated 1968 Cowboys Football Team

Row 1: McKinney Evans, Larry Harold, Larry Kelly, Jim Fortner, Jim Elam, Dave Robledo, Al Tolentino, Tom Gillespie, Ben Cortez and Buddy Robert

Row 2: Dick Munzinger, George Taplin, Andrew Crawford, Carl Garrett, John Keith, John Smith, Gary Killion, Ralph Szydlik, Hayden White, Grady Herold and Harry Long

Row 3: Dave Thomson, Lloyd Moore, George Gomez, Roy Culberson, Permon Chavious, Pat Lindelow, Greg Roero, Dave Graham, Carl Browning, Ron L. Young, Steve Pruitt, Leonard Garrett

Row 4: Doug Kobie, Kelly Reeves, John Levra, Ron S. Young, Ron Gentry, Fred Hernandez, David Herold, John Walker, Randy Edwards, Floyd Worlow, Ed Germain, Rich Nicoletti

Row 5: Eloy Padilla, Tom Chavez, Gilbert Alvarez, Al Sheldon, Burns Harris, Bill Nectoux, Gary Parr  Jimmy Smith, Ray Mota, Mike Kirk, Dennis Lunsgord and Melvin Holland

Row 6: Rich Nickoloff, Cliff Silva, Kent Hiner, Dan Uranga, Joe Kolch, James Meza, Gilbert Peterson, Adam Cuevas, Milven Hooper, Steve Wallace and Don Miller

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