Tailgating Form

NMHU Tailgating Guidelines

Event: Homecoming Game
Date: September 16, 2017
Time: 2:00 PM

Form deadline: September 13, 2017

New Mexico Highlands University is excited to offer tailgating to our Homecoming football game. These guidelines are intended to provide a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for the event. The event will be monitored by NMHU Campus Police.

1. Tailgating is restricted to NMHU Homecoming 2017 home football game and in the area of the parking lot in front of the Industrial Arts Building.
2. A designee for each vehicles/space must sign waiver prior to entrance into the tailgating area.

3. Tailgating will open 3 hours prior to and close 30 minutes prior to kickoff. No tailgating during half time or after the event.

4. Food and alcoholic beverages may be brought into the sectioned area.

5. Alcoholic beverages shall mean beer and wine. Can and plastic bottles/cups only. No kegs or glass bottles allowed. Drinking games are not allowed. The group and designee will be responsible for the serving of beverages to individuals of appropriate age. All local, state and federal laws apply and will be enforced. Violators will be subject to prosecution.


7. Only gas grills are allowed in the tailgating section. Grills must have mat under to catch grease. No open fires or charcoal grills are allowed. Drilling of holes for tents, grills etc. are not permitted.

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