Susie Maestas

Susie Maestas Distinguished Retired Staff Homecoming 2016

Susie Maestas
Distinguished Retired Staff
Homecoming 2016

Susie Maestas retired from Highlands in June 2016 after 25 years of service, and was named for the new Distinguished Retired Staff honor.

Over the years, Maestas has held a variety of administrative assistant and secretarial positions in the Office of the Academic Affairs, Office of the President, School of Science and Engineering and Faculty Senate Office, and others.

Most recently, Maestas worked in the School of Education since 2010 as an administrative assistant. She tracked graduate students through a streamlined process she developed to help them successfully complete their degree.

Katherine King, School of Education department secretary, nominated Maestas for the honor.

“Susie Maestas served the university with distinction and in her particular kind and loving way,” King said. “Throughout her years of service, she treated each and every student and her many colleagues with the utmost compassion and professionalism.”

King said Maestas was an extraordinary guide and mentor to those who worked alongside her at Highlands.

“Susie’s commitment to the university is deep and extensive. We have all benefited from her wisdom, and thank her for all she has given to members of the Highlands family,” King said.

Maestas said she worked to make it as easy as possible for School of Education graduate students to navigate the paperwork and necessary milestones for their graduate studies, from the initial application through taking comprehensive exams.

“It’s very rewarding when I’ve tracked a student’s progress from the beginning of their graduate studies and I hear their degree is posted. I’m elated. It makes me so happy that their hard work has paid off,” Maestas said.

She said a memorable highlight earlier in her Highlands career was when she was the first person to incorporate the university’s budget into Banner – Highlands’ data tracking system.

Maestas said Highlands was always the right fit for her professionally and she had the opportunity to advance to positions of greater responsibility.

“I believe wholeheartedly in this university and didn’t have a desire to work anywhere else. We’re a close-knit family at Highlands that supports each other through good and bad. The camaraderie among staff at Highlands is infectious,” Maestas said.

She said mentors were plentiful during her tenure at Highlands.

“There were so many mentors along the way that inspired and encouraged me. I’ll always be grateful to the faculty, staff and administrators who shared their knowledge, and also taught me about how important it is to believe in what you are doing,” Maestas said.

She said her years at Highlands have been deeply rewarding.

Maestas is also a Highlands alumna. She earned her bachelor’s degree in business in 1991.

“I credit the business coursework and the professors’ high expectations with preparing me well for the work world. When I was a student, I knew I wanted to remain a part of Highlands as a staff member,” Maestas said.

As a retiree, Maestas said she is looking forward to having more time to camp, travel and spend time with her six grandchildren.