Letter From Dr. Minner

Dear Highlands Family Member,

A couple of weeks ago, I checked in with you to see how you’re faring, and to let you know how Highlands is responding to the current challenges our students are facing.

I highlighted that one way we are helping is through the Dean Farmer Student Emergency Fund, which assists Highlands students who have experienced significant and unexpected emergencies. The Highlands Family is strong, even in times of uncertainty and we are striving to help our at-risk students who are acutely feeling the hardships brought on by COVID-19.

I am so heartened to share with you that the response by our alumni, staff, faculty, and friends of Highlands to this appeal has been robust and generous. Many of you have contributed to this fund and many students have already benefited from it. We have been able to arrange for additional computer equipment loaners from the university for students who could not continue their education without this support.

We have helped cover the costs of rent and utilities, paid a car payment, and paid for on-campus housing. Several students who have been funded expressed great concern about having to choose between paying these bills and providing food for their families. We have connected students with on-campus food resources and those in Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

Named for beloved Highlands Dean of Students Ray Farmer, this fund has been established by members of our campus community and supported by the Farmer Family. In that spirit, the Dean Farmer Fund provides a one-time award of up to $500 to help students in need due to a catastrophic event. Their needs are great and many, and we will continue to disperse the funds to our students as long as donations come in.

If you would like to help make a difference in the lives of our students who are struggling to maintain a sense of normalcy in their lives, please consider donating to the Dean Farmer Student Emergency Fund or mark your donation for Unrestricted Funds, which gives us the ability to use the funds as best needed to support Student Success at New Mexico Highlands University.

I wish for your continued safety and a return to healthier times for all of us.

Sam Minner

President, New Mexico Highlands University