Julio P. García

Distinguished Young Alumnus

Homecoming 2019

Julio P. García is an attorney for Robles, Rael & Anaya, P.C., a law firm in Albuquerque. García stands out as a Highlands success story despite facing much adversity from a young age. He is the Distinguished Young Alumnus for 2019.

García, a Las Vegas, New Mexico native, was born to a teenage mother and grew up in public housing projects until he was 14. While he experienced poverty and many of its effects first-hand, he never lost sight of his goals.

“I’ve always had a go-getter personality that enabled me to persevere against all odds,” García said. “When times were tough, I managed to stay focused and keep grinding.

“Early outreach, dedicated professors, and staff at Highlands provided the opportunity to help me change the narrative for those like me who come from poverty. I’m very appreciative of all the people at Highlands who helped me prove that success is not dependent on a person’s upbringing,” García said.

García is the first in his family to obtain a professional degree and become a lawyer.

“Becoming a lawyer has opened many doors for my family and me,” García said.

In 2013, García earned his bachelor’s degree in political science with a minor in English from Highlands. He went on to complete a 2015 master’s degree in public affairs with an emphasis in political and governmental processes.

“Programs like Student Support Services at Highlands helped me be successful in my college journey and also gave me the chance to give back through being a mentor to other students,” García said.

Outside the classroom, García was a leader in student senate at Highlands.

“Student senate gave me the opportunity to be a voice for students,” García said.

While at Highlands, García completed multiple internships to gain legal experience. He worked in the City of Las Vegas Attorney’s Office, the Fourth Judicial District Court of New Mexico, and at the New Mexico Legislature.

“These legal jobs and internships gave me a real-world perspective of practicing law,” García said.

In May 2018, García received his law degree from the University of New Mexico. In September 2018, he was admitted to the State Bar of New Mexico.

García joined Robles, Rael & Anaya, P.C. as an attorney in September 2018. During law school, he was a legal assistant and law clerk at the law firm.

“It’s a civil defense firm and I practice in areas such as civil rights, employment and labor law, government and public entities law, land use law, and business law. My work is rewarding because we deal with issues that not only impact our clients, but the community as a whole,” García said.

Aside from practicing law, García said he plans to tap into the entrepreneurial world with the ultimate goal of giving back to the individuals and communities that have helped him along the way.

García met his wife, Brianna García-Alderete, when they were students at Highlands.  She earned her bachelor’s degree in media arts. The newlyweds married in May 2019.