Celebrate 50 years of Donnelly Library by helping it move into the future!

This past homecoming, the library kicked off its efforts to raise the $10,000 needed to begin the digitization of their records with a 50th Anniversary reception and silent auction, which raised nearly $3000. It is a great start, but we need your help!

The library has gone from an impressive collection of books, journals, and artifacts in the 1960’s to a modern gateway for information and resources that lie both inside and far beyond the library’s walls. Today, how our students use information, do essential research, and seek out new ideas has changed dramatically. As the Donnelly Library celebrates its 50th anniversary, it looks to the future, and asks those who have benefited from it in the past to help it meet the needs of new generations. Making the vast resources of Donnelly Library accessible to our students and community is its top priority.

In order to do that, the library must digitize its documents, photographs, books, journals, and research materials so that students at our centers across New Mexico, those taking online courses, and New Mexico and national researchers can access the treasure trove of knowledge that our library holds. By moving toward a digital repository, Donnelly Library will support all those who come to its virtual or physical doors seeking information and understanding better than ever before.

Many more activities and events are planned to celebrate the library’s history and dream about its future. Please join us in making a gift to support this critical project – the Library needs your help to reach its goal!

Yes, I would like to Help Donnelly Library move into the future!

Gifts can be made online by clicking the button below and designating the gift to the Library Campaign:

or mail your gift to:

New Mexico Highlands University Foundation, Box 9000, Las Vegas, NM 87701