30th Annual MESA Day

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NM Mathematics, Engineering, Science, Achievement (NM MESA), Inc.
30th Annual MESA Day
New Mexico Military Institute-Roswell, New Mexico
April 20, 2018
 It is that time of year again where NM MESA is once again looking for volunteers for their annual MESA Day event.  This year our MESA Day Competition will highlight 26 Middle and High School Teams that have qualified to attend.  Also, this year our event will be held in Roswell, New Mexico.
This year’s event will serve as a direct qualifier for our National Engineering Design Competition held in June, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where the New Mexico Champion teams will compete against other MESA States.  This year’s event needs are MUCH different than what we have had in the past.  Majority of the roles are distant roles to help judge submitted project reports and mentor our teams in preparation for competition. If you are in the Roswell area, you are still invited to help with the event as able. 
TO REGISTER TO VOLUNTEER: http://www.cvent.com/d/3gq7sh
This link will also be available on our event website, March 19, 2018.
This year’s event, MESA Arduino STEM Solutions asks students to implement the Human-Centered Design approach to find a client in their community who has a need, design a solution for this need using Arduino, and present their solution and recommendation(s) for next steps.
New Mexico MESA teams will be required to address a need or issue that relates to “Water”.
The components listed below will be used to assess the effective implementation of a Human-Centered Design approach, effective implementation of the Engineering Design Process, and the functionality of the prototype and successful integration of Arduino into the prototype.
High school and middle school teams will compete in the four components below:
1.      Technical Interview & Poster- Students will prepare a short presentation and give a full demonstration of the functionality of the prototype. Poster will provide an overview of their project, highlighting key points of the design process including relevant data, and conclusions and recommendations for further development. The purpose is to review and assess the following:
a.      How the prototype meets the client’s needs
b.      The use of materials and technologies (Arduino hardware, sensors, etc.)
c.       Originality of the prototype
d.      Usability of the prototype
e.      Design of the prototype
2.      Project Report –
a.      Students will write a 5-10 page report that contains their problem statement, summary of the design process, results, conclusion and next steps supported by pictures, charts, tables, and/or graphs
b.      The report should be a journey through the design process and demonstrate key points of the design process and why design choices were made.
c.       The report will have an appendix containing the commented Arduino code and detailed budget.
3.      Prototype Pitch
a.      Students will prepare a presentation and creatively pitch their prototype, including a demonstration of the prototype, to a group of judges.
b.      The presentation should define the problem; provide a detailed description of their client and their needs; discuss current solutions to the problem and their weaknesses; and provide a demonstration of their prototype highlighting its advantages.
A full handbook and direct link to registration will also be on our website. 
This year we will have a large judging portion of our event prior to the event itself.  These roles do not require actual attendance at our MESA Day event and can be done from anywhere on a flexible time frame.  The only technical requirement is an internet connection that can review PDFs.  All judges will be trained via webinar session(s) as needed and will be provided with adequate grading instruction. 
Off Site, Pre Competition Grading -Project Report
Assignments will be made and items will be emailed on April 3 with a due date for return of April 17.  Each report will be a 5-10 page project summary.  Each judge will be assigned up to 6 items to grade.  Each item takes an average of 20-30 minutes resulting in a maximum 6 hour commitment over a 2 week period. 
Off Site, Pre Competition Mentor
All teams will be assigned a team mentor to help them prepare their final materials for the state competition.  A mentor guide will be made available, but an example of roles would be:
  • Practice Interview and/or Project Pitch
  • Technical Support as able with Engineering Design, Programming, and/or Data
  • General Team Support and Outside Perspective
Suggested time commitment is weekly contact leading up to competition (3weeks total)
All volunteer roles are an all-day commitment and will require advance training.  If you are interested in being an on-site judge you will be contacted individually as teams are being created that will contain individuals with varying backgrounds.  On Site Events will be:
  • Project Pitch
  • Technical Interview
  • Academic Poster
  • Prototype Demonstration
Any Questions–
If you have any questions or need clarification on anything, please contact:  Anita Gonzales, NM MESA Program Coordinator.  O: 505-454-3027, E: anita@nmmesa.org.  NM MESA Webpage: http://nmmesa.org
All registrations for need to be completed no later than 8:00 AM,
April 1, 2018. 
Thank you for helping to “Build Tomorrow….Today!”
PLEASE NOTE: Tomorrow and Friday (3/15-3/16) our server will be down for required maintenance.  During that time I will be available via a secondary email (anita.a.gonzales@gmail.com) or via cell phone.  Also, I will be out of the office from March 20-26th on travel for our Senior Incentive Field Trip to New Orleans, Louisiana.  During this time, I will be available by email (primary account-anita@nmmesa.org) or via cell phone.